best architects 24
out now

Once again this year, the «best architects 24 award» honoured impressive works that tell us a great deal about the development of recent architecture. With great pleasure in experimentation, unusual solutions are developed that inspire and culturally enrich our society.

The new publication of the «best architects 24 award» is as white as snow. The padded cover is powdery soft to the touch, with traces appearing on it as if on a snow-covered surface. After only a short time, these traces disappear again and the pure white, fluffy surface of the cover is back, waiting for new traces.


The book cover, whose cover material is made from recycled cotton, reacts sensitively to the user and adapts accordingly for a short time: For a certain period of time, the cover changes, only to return to a neutral initial form. A temporary transformation that turns the publication into a living object. The title «best architects award» is printed on all four edges of the book block.


Not only the unique design of the book is inspiring, but also this year's projects, which are richly illustrated and presented with a clear description on 424 pages. Due to the division into different subject areas (renovation and addition, residential/single-family houses, residential/multi-family houses, office & administration buildings, commercial & industrial buildings, educational buildings, public buildings, other buildings and interior design), the comprehensive work is clearly arranged.