best architects 24

Jury confers 8 golds

BS+EMI Architektenpartner · Chliriet Schoolhouse 
Appels Architekten · Urban Infill Berlin
studioser · Monte
Kollektiv Marudo · New school complex Brühl, Solothurn
Weyell Zipse Architekten · House P
Fröhlich Gassner Architekten · Kleine Bleibe
Michael Meier und Marius Hug Architekten · Römerstrasse, Baden
Roman Hutter Architektur · Kronengasse in Sempach

The «best architects 24 award» has been decided. As in previous years, the jury again had a large number of outstanding works to choose from. Remarkable this year was once again the high number of renovations and additions. A task that is becoming more and more important and at the same time a great challenge, which the architects face with a lot of creativity and passion. It is therefore not surprising that this category is now one of the most awarded. But impressive works were also awarded in the other categories, which tell a great deal about the development of recent architecture. With great pleasure in experimentation, unusual solutions are developed that inspire and culturally enrich our society.

The jury consisting of David Brodbeck (Kirchheim unter Teck), Silvia Schellenberg-Thaut (Leipzig) and Mark Ziörjen (Zurich) honoured 79 projects with the best architects 24 award. An additional 8 projects received the distinction best architects 24 in Gold for their outstandig quality.

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«What actually makes a building a good building? Or, in our case, a building worthy of being awarded a prize? The large number of projects submitted suggested the need for a compass. Firmitas, utilitas and venustas – that is, strength, usefulness and beauty – are the criteria that Vitruvius proposed as standards to be fulfilled by a good building or good architecture. They can thus offer a possible benchmark, in particular as this triad should ideally stand side by side on equal footing. This means that a building should be considered as a whole without weighting these criteria differently, and thus any warehouse or bus shelter is likewise entitled to its own form of beauty. Beauty, the property that is perhaps the most difficult to evaluate, is crucial to the aesthetic acceptance and thus the durability of a building, and yet it is an aspect that is rarely addressed in debates on sustainability. Buildings that impressed us during the judging process possessed a high degree of constructive rationality, functional suitability and design independence.»


David Brodbeck Jury of the «best architects 24 award»