best architects 23

Jury confers 8 golds

mehr* architekten · Brewery Hall Kirchheim unter Teck
Jaeger Koechlin · Coming Going and Staying
Carlana Mezzalira Pentimalli · Public Library of Bressanone
Rapin Saiz Architectes · Clos Bercher psychosocial care centre
jessenvollenweider · Office for Environment and Energy, Basel
Roman Sigrist Architektur · Residential and commercial building Neustadtstrasse, Lucerne
Edelaar Mosayebi Inderbitzin Architekten · Narzissenstrasse apartment house
Roman Sigrist Architektur · Trachslau schoolhouse

The winners of the «best architects 23 award» have been chosen. This year once again, the jury was able to select from a large number of outstanding and impressive projects. The buildings were almost invariably distinguished by abundant creativity and unconventional solutions. With such a variety of approaches, it was difficult to discern a dominant design trend. The winning projects stand out not so much for their style but rather for the strategical considerations and relish in experimentation they express.

The jury consisting of Andrew Clancy (Irland), Prof. Felix Waechter (Darmstadt) and Daniel Zamarbide (Geneva) honoured 71 projects with the best architects 23 award. An additional 8 projects received the distinction best architects 23 in Gold for their outstanding quality.

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Architecture has its moments. In some of them, caprices are permitted and they result in great pieces of work that we all enjoy in our history books, mainly singular buildings by great masters. Other times, less heroically, architectural possibilities are reduced, constrained to whatever the financial, social and political context allows. These possibilities can often be very narrow. Still, it is not more or less architecture.

The period we are living in is one of questions and interrogations. Many of the pillars that we have taken too much for granted and have constructed in society seem to be tumbling down, even falling apart. Is this a good thing? I would think so indeed. It is important that the referential world we have been sitting on for years radically switches direction and that we start including many of the actors that have been invisible for decades. These pillars that are collapsing are potentially a good metaphor for what goes on in the architectural milieu. We might not need those pillars anymore. Or we might like to work with other ones, more fragile, less imposing, less patriarchal. 

Daniel Zamarbide (BUREAU, Geneva) Jury «best architects 23 award»