best architects 22
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In the elaborately produced publication with hard cover, screen print and visible thread binding, the 91 winning projects of the annual «best architects award» are documented on 440 pages. Richly illustrated and clearly described, each project is presented on two double pages. Due to the division into different subject areas (renovation and addition, residential/single-family houses, residential/multi-family houses, office & administration buildings, commercial & industrial buildings, educational buildings, public buildings, other buildings and interior design), the comprehensive work is clearly arranged.  

In white screen printing on rough natural cardboard, the number 22 is arranged in such a way that a graphic «artwork» is created on the cover of the publication. The title «22» thus combines into a striking pattern and only becomes recognisable as such at second glance. Through insertions and additions, a harmonious whole is thus created - a strategy that is also found in some of the projects in the book.

The materiality and the process of production are the focus of the type of binding. With the experimental treatment of the material paper, its properties are changed in such a way that a coarse-grained, but at the same time fluffy surface is created at the book's edge. Texture, surface and haptics give the book an extraordinary presence and form a worthy prelude to the world of award-winning architecture.