best architects 21

Jury confers 11 golds

Aretz Dürr Architekten / Haus D // 6
Kast Kaeppeli Architekten / Jurastrasse 58
Lukas Lenherr Architektur / Kleines Haus
Atelier EGR Architectes / Jouques
BS+EMI Architektenpartner / Wohnüberbauung Am Katzenbach IV/V
Michael Meier und Marius Hug Architekten / Wohnhaus Allenmoosstrasse
Rapin Saiz Architectes / Renovation and elevation of a residential building
Giuliani Hönger Architekten / Hilti Office Mitte
SLIK Architekten / Yond
ARGE Architekten Hull Inoue Radlinsky + Wolfgang Rossbauer / Volksschule Marzili
ARGE Joos & Mathys Architekten | Daniel Nyffeler Architekten / Kirchgemeindesaal Rüti ZH

The final decisions on the «best architects 21 award» are in. With almost 400 entries, the number of participants was higher than ever before. The diversity and range of the projects submitted was impressive, but at the same time a challenge for this year’s jury.


«It is exciting to see the vibrant way in which architecture is developing. Architects are meeting new challenges with a good deal of creativity and courage and are producing some surprising new solutions as a result. Most are guided by a strong concept that goes beyond formal approaches and does justice to the durability of the architecture and the often changing use over time. That development was recognised with this year’s award-winning projects.»

(Tobias Schwarzer, founder of the best architects award)

The jury consisting of Professor Johannes Modersohn (Berlin), Yves Moreau (Paris) and Patrick Schmid (Zurich) honoured 80 projects with the best architects 21 award. An additional 11 projects received the distinction best architects 21 in Gold for their outstanding quality.

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The complete list of all winners you can find here

«With almost 400 project entries, it is not easy to set the evaluation criteria. The spectrum of submissions ranged from the largely faithful renovation of a stellar architectural residential building from the 1960s to an investors’ urban office complex and an architectural sculpture that ostensibly has no function. Is it even possible to define criteria that allow for the comparison of such diverse interventions? And whose achievement should win an award? Of course, the best architects award is primarily aimed at architects, but every architect knows that their work alone is not enough to create a good building. The role that the developers and authorities play is just as critical. A building of exceptional quality is therefore also always evidence of the particularly constructive collaboration of all parties concerned.


If we now consider the results of our adjudication process, then it is obvious that all the award-winning projects are characterised by exactly that kind of interaction between all participants. But they not only satisfy the original requirements by means a good compromise. Instead they manage to achieve something at a higher level on the basis of strong ideas. These projects thus make a contribution to our society.»

(Patrick Schmid / Schmid Schärer Architekten, Zurich)