best architects 19
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A tribute to classical book art

With this year’s publication, the «best architects award» once again demonstrates what modern architecture is capable of achieving, as well as showing the many remarkable directions in which the European architectural scene is developing. As always, making a final selection was not easy. Because awarding only the best means first defining the criteria «that stand for meaningful advances in individual building culture,» as jury member Thomas Lechner from lp architektur in Altenmarkt/PG puts it. For jury member Raphael Frei from pool architekten in Zurich, the question was: «What makes for the kind of architecture that whets our curiosity, makes us want to look again, to find out more and to tell others about it?»


The answers are certainly something to see. Alongside well-known architecture offices that have made a name for themselves with exceptional buildings, it is in particular the new discoveries that make this publication so intriguing. The book provides a fascinating overview of the best of European architecture today. It can therefore serve as a valuable reference work and a versatile source of inspiration for architects, interior designers, engineers, project developers, building clients and anyone interested in architecture.