best architects 18

Jury confers 12 gold awards  

The jury has reached its decision on the winners of the «best architects 18 award». A total of 367 projects were submitted this year from all over Europe. Regardless of the size and prestige of the respective construction task, many of them were carried out at the very highest level. That made selecting the winning projects a real challenge.

The jury, comprising Prof. Verena von Beckerath (Berlin), Sou Fujimoto (Tokyo) and Prof. Ingemar Vollenweider (Basel) bestowed the best architects 18 award on 71 projects. Another twelve were distinguished for particularly outstanding quality with the label best architects 18 in Gold

The submitted projects provide striking testimony to the diverse directions in which the European architectural scene is developing. Alongside established architecture offices that have enjoyed a high profile for many years with their outstanding buildings, the discovery of as yet lesser-known architects is what makes this award so very exciting. Once again this year, we are seeing a colourful mix of works that demonstrate in a fascinating way all that architecture is capable of.

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