«best architects twenty three»
the book of the best architects 23 award

81 projects on 396 pages

Fresh yellow and bright green dominate the current issue of the publication «best architects 23». Only the natural, haptically appealing material and the colour determine the title of the book. The deformation of the material alone by means of a strong raised embossing gives the cover its face, and a subtle play of light and shadow is created. A minimalist approach that also permeates the details of the binding.

The lamination of two different coloured through-dyed cardboards creates a subtle play of colours at the cut edges. This play of colours is also continued inside the book by means of the typography and the binding with a yellow thread.

81 winning projects
on 396 pages

Richly illustrated and clearly described, each project is presented on two double pages. Due to the division into different subject areas (renovation and addition, residential/single-family houses, residential/multi-family houses, office & administration buildings, commercial & industrial buildings, educational buildings, public buildings, other buildings and interior design), the comprehensive work is clearly arranged.  

best architects 23

84,- €

ISBN 978-3-946021-07-0

32.5 x 23.5 cm

thread bound

396 pages / german/english

297 photographs

393 plans and drawings