91 projects
on 448 pages

The publication
of the best architects 21 award

The «best architects award» shows once again how vibrant architecture is developing. New challenges are being tackled by architects with a great deal of creativity and courage, and surprising new solutions are emerging. Beyond formal approaches, the focus is usually on a strong concept that does justice to the permanence of architecture and its often changing use over time.

91 awarded projects impressively show this development in the elaborately produced publication on 448 pages. Extensively documented, these projects provide a wonderful insight into the current architectural scene.

91 winning projects
on 448 pages

The current edition of the best architects publication is impressive for its absolutely minimalist approach. The cover is completely unprinted and plays with the exciting materiality of natural cardboard. Its rough structure creates an almost velvety surface with an extraordinary tactile quality.

The pure die-cutting creates an exciting overlap with the print underneath. The die-cut English title and the print of the German title behind it create an irritation that is very similar to a camouflage effect. The rough and pure appearance continues on the spine of the book. White crepe paper refines the book spine and completes the puristic design of the binding.

best architects 21

78,- €

ISBN 978-3-946021-05-6

32.5 x 23.5 cm

thread bound

448 pages / german/english

363 photographs

488 plans and drawings