81 projects
on 416 pages

The publication
of the best architects 20 Award

Many hours of intense and extremely stimulating discussion about architecture at the «best architects» in Düsseldorf, led to a selection of outstanding projects that primarily stand out from the masses for their clear and independent approach. They go beyond the mere competence required to fulfil their brief. They have not chosen the path of least resistance. They declare themselves without requiring lengthy explanations. They demonstrate courage in discovering the new and they intelligently look for loopholes to allow innovation to come to the fore. Each of them, in their own way, thus makes an unmistakable and distinct contribution to building culture. (Ünal Karamuk · Jury best architects 20)

The best architects 20 book also sets new design standards. The production of this publication was made possible only by the best in their field. The extreme embossing of the title was the work of extraordinary craftsmanship. Juxtaposed with the exceptionally luminous screen print, the book exudes a hard to resist magnetism. The great care taken with the sophisticated binding not only lends the spine a subtle depth, but also ensures the book behaves in a particular way when opened. A unique book that provides the award-winning projects with a worthy setting.

81 winning projects
on 416 pages

This year's edition of the best architects publication plays with materiality, opposites and depth. The embossed title and the luminous orange screen print contrast with the stripped away spine which makes the raw craft of book art become an integral part of the book's appearance.

A novelty is the book cover which forms part of the body of the book so that it opens completely flat and discloses its contents without endpaper. This is where the play with depth begins. Semi-transparent paper, printed on both sides, offers a glimpse of several subsequent pages into the depths of the book. This produces exciting overlays and stimuli throughout the sequence of pages. A homage to the craft of the architectural design process.

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best architects 20

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ISBN 978-3-946021-04-9

32.5 x 23.5 cm

thread bound

416 pages / german/english

269 photographs

445 plans and drawings