best architects 15

The 89 winning projects  

of the annual architecture award  

The book explores the possibilities of its raw material fabric and the tectonic and tactile qualities in its make-up. The craftsmanship that went into creating it thus becomes the main theme, establishing a link with its content when one considers architecture as the art of joining.  


The graphic design as well refers to the game of joining different parts together, thus underscoring the overall concept. For the inside pages, Chromolux paper that is cast-coated on one side was used. Printed on the high-gloss side of the page, the photos are reminiscent of classic photo prints. The rough uncoated reverse side presents plan illustrations and texts on each project. Each of the winning projects of the annual architecture award is thus presented on two double-page spreads. 

best architects 15

69,- €

ISBN 978-3-9811174-9-3

32,5 x 23,5 cm thread sewn binding

with slipcase

344 pages | German/English

233 colour photographs

408 plans and drawings