now the jury is
in charge

The submission for the «best architects 25» award is over.

The winners will be announced on July 23, 2024


The best architects award will for the 19th time honour the best architects and architecture firms. European architects and architecture firms that have realised exceptional projects were hence called upon to submit their work to the «best architects 25» competition. A distinguished international jury will select the best works and present them in the publication «best architects 25».

The best architects award is an independent prize that recognises outstanding architectural achievements and makes them accessible to a broad public. With an ever-increasing number of submissions of extremely high quality, the award has developed into an important event on the architecture scene. Due not least to the showcase pub-lication, which extensively documents all the winning projects, the award offers potential clients valuable guidance and makes an important contribution to the discourse on building culture. The award gives the recognised architects and architecture firms a mark of distinction in the market while positioning them at the forefront of the international architecture scene.


Jury session > 10/11 June 2024

Announcement of awards > 23 July 2024