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Dreifachsporthalle Kottenmatte Sursee

best architects 13

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Reinhard Zimmermann


The freestanding gym building, with openings on all sides, features gradations of various heights and volumetric projections to respond with precision to the conditions of its setting. Thanks to the lateral arrangement of all subsidiary functions, the gym itself can be experienced as the true focal point of the building, a “centrepiece” that telescopes up out of the flat volume like a lantern. The pragmatic simplicity of the interior organisation allows for economical use of space while preserving optimal functionality. Athletes can reach the dressing rooms directly from outside so that sports operations and spectator areas remain separated. The auxiliary rooms are lined in black exposed concrete, contrasting with orange-hued facade elements. The gym volume towering above them is a delicate steel structure veiled in light building elements. Lighting elements throughout and an open floor plan that allows for a variety of sight lines give the spaces a bright atmosphere.