Oliver Brandenberger / Adrian Kloter / Stephan Bührer: Neubau Stadthalle Laufenburg - best architects 14

Oliver Brandenberger / Adrian Kloter / Stephan Bührer

Neubau Stadthalle Laufenburg

best architects 14

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Basile Bornand


Laufenburg has a new town hall. It replaces the structurally and functionally obsolete hall built in 1930. The project by BBKA convinced the jurors in an invited competition four years ago. The façade is made of exposed concrete and the roof has a timber frame. On the interior, four layers of space organise the main and auxiliary rooms. This layout creates a clear spatial structure and makes it possible to provide users with two different-sized event spaces for independent functions. Visitors enter the foyer via a covered entryway. Large double doors lead into the banquet hall, which is completely lined with wood panels. The panelling was chosen for acoustic reasons, while also concealing the construction frame and building systems, but above all, it creates a uniform look for the multi-purpose space. The building is designed to meet the »Minergie« standard. A ventilation system both cools and heats the rooms as needed. The energy comes from the building’s own photovoltaic system.