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Orientierungsschule Kerzers

best architects 14

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Alexander Gempeler


The extension responds clearly and confidently to the large neighbouring buildings. A new entrance gives onto a spacious multi-storey hall. The group rooms are stacked one atop the other and can be read as simple boxes in the airspace, resulting in interesting sightlines. The administrative and special-use rooms are located on both the lower level and ground floor, while the upper storeys hold the classrooms. The building is constructed of natural, robust materials that already have a lovely patina and are able to withstand a high degree of wear. The façade and some corridor areas are made of concrete. The classroom walls are lined with acoustic panels that double as bulletin boards. The ceiling has been left raw and can be used for heat storage. With this extension of the school’s classroom tract, a compact building has been created with short routes and an interesting central area suitable for a variety of uses.