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Michael Meier und Marius Hug Architekten

Rikon Zell school complex

best architects 17

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Rikon / Switzerland


Andrea Helbling


The secondary school designed by the architect Hermann Fietz has a school tract, gymnasium wing and staircase tower that form an L-shaped complex representing an extraordinary example of rural schoolhouse construction. The imposing approach is dominated by the sight axis from the old kindergarten to the tower of the schoolhouse and the statue in the forecourt. In the façade, elements of the vernacular »Heimatstil« are skilfully combined with modern architectural and design components. A new L-shaped gymnasium was added to the existing school and kindergarten buildings. The precise placement, balanced proportions and architectural expression of the new building preserve the hierarchy and importance of the old buildings while underscoring the historical and artistic heritage value of the listed ensemble. The design of the new building echoes the look of the existing gymnasium tract with its row of windows placed high along the longitudinal side and closed façade on the ground floor. The closed section of the façade beneath the roof cornice thus forms a fitting counterpart to the existing tract while reflecting the height of the ceiling structure within. The entrance to the new building is located near the existing group of pine and other trees diagonally opposite the main entrance to the school tract. Together, the buildings define a new schoolyard.