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Meier Leder Architekten

Tagesstrukturen Ennetbaden

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Roger Frei


The striking silhouette of the roof gives the building a playful appearance, helping users to identify with what is offered inside. At the same time, this configuration creates specific interior spaces that have a stimulating effect on the children’s activities. The caterpillar-like cladding of facades and roof creates a lively surface structure. Additional colour contrasts are generated by the visible fastening elements for the panels, which add an ornamental touch to complete the caterpillar look. The day-care offerings and playgroup are accessed directly from the central coat room. The playgroup space is arranged around a corner, resulting in separate zones for different activities. The day-care premises are conceived as a Z-shaped extension, with one niche containing a gallery-like grandstand that rounds out the variety of spaces offered. The choice of prefabricated timber construction provided a sustainable and ecological solution that meets the Minergie eco-standard.