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Generation House, Zurzach

best architects 22

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Bad Zurzach, Switzerland



Roland Bernath


By means of complex staggering, the «Generation House» appears small-scale and corresponds with the various adjacent building structures. Its meandering ground floor plan interweaves with the outdoor space and forms courtyards that are used for different purposes. Along the north side, a tree-lined garden serves as a connecting space between the old town and the bathing precinct. Canopies, cornices and pilasters structure the delicate timber façade. Timber board cladding with sawn patterns is reminiscent of the courtyards of historic Zurzach houses. Inside the old age home, various rooms offer the elderly residents rich and homely spaces. The elegant interior of the restaurant, for example, creates a place where people can meet. The access zones of the care home groups are divided by lounge niches that flow into a central living room with a loggia. Within the rooms, a French balcony and a viewing window create intimate connections to the outside world.