Büro Konstrukt: Neubau Primarschule und Dreifachturnhalle  - best architects 14

Büro Konstrukt

Neubau Primarschule und Dreifachturnhalle

best architects 14

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Büro Konstrukt


The new building consists of two structurally related volumes for the primary school and triple gymnasium, with a schoolyard in between. The volumes share a connecting base storey, which raises them slightly above the surrounding terrain. The ground floor is set back all around and develops a spatial dialogue with the existing break hall. The appearance of this storey is distinguished by transparency and a series of sculptural supports. The inner courtyards and bands of skylights generate an atmosphere characterised by the same transparency and openness as learning environment. The upper floor with its teaching areas seems to float atop the glazed ground floor like a »flying classroom«. The façade, developed specially for this project, is made of corrugated aluminium profiles that produce an interesting play of light and shadow. The shapes of these profiles are quoted formally in the base, where they encourage children to hop, play and run around.