ARGE Marques Bühler: Stadion Allmend, Luzern - best architects 13

ARGE Marques Bühler

Stadion Allmend, Luzern

best architects 13

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Ruedi Walti


Daniele Marques & Iwan Bühler Architekten 


The project conceives of the “allmend”, or commons, as a large open area that serves multiple purposes for the general public. An open development was therefore proposed that would place the building volume in a concentrated area within the commons, which could hence continue to be  

experienced as a contiguous space. The shape of the building displays soft contours with no sharp edges or corners. As a solitary building, the football stadium manifests an architectural typology that gives it an emblematic effect. Outside it is wrapped in an air-permeable aluminium facade through which the blue inner shell of the actual arena shimmers. A dialogue emerges between the lattice structure with views out into the landscape and the closed blue shell with isolated breaks for passage into the arena. The combination of blue and white, of concrete seating levels and floors, is an explicit reference to the colours of the Lucerne football club.