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Monte, Switzerland


Sven Högger


Monte, a hamlet in the municipality of Castel San Pietro (Ticino), is a small village in the Muggio Valley with 102 inhabitants. The mandate received from the municipality at the beginning of 2020 aimed to improve the quality of life of the elderly people living in the village by transforming aspects of the public spaces. As there was no clearly prescribed programme, a thorough study of the village’s physical, social and historical context was carried out before a project proposal was designed. Through numerous interviews with the residents of Monte, information was gathered about the present and past use of the village‘s spaces. Based on this research, seven points of interest and potential in which to intervene were identified. For each of these points, a design was developed that would reinforce the historical traces of the site, improve its accessibility and promote encounters between the inhabitants. Each architectural intervention was designed to fulfil several functions at the same time in order to promote interaction between the generations.