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Sonnenberg Schoolhouse

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Adliswil, Switzerland


René Dürr


The Sonnenberg school complex, built in 1969, was upgraded in terms of both its programme and energy supply. The sports wing was extended by the addition of a three-storey wooden building, the gymnasium was renovated, and the former swimming hall was converted into a multifunctional hall. The schoolhouse was redesigned to meet the requirements of the «Lehrplan 21» (Curriculum 21), involving dividing classrooms in half to form group rooms and creating places for self-study. Day-care facilities were also added. The extension has been carefully integrated into the ensemble and staggered both horizontally and vertically. This preserves the existing sequence of break areas and the height development and grain of the ensemble. The interior of the extension is also based on the existing building, with wood-panelled classrooms and group rooms arranged like windmills around a two-tone break and cloakroom area in mineral materials. These units are lit via large red picture windows on the respective longitudinal sides. Thanks to the split-level typology, a flowing space with zenith light is created. Each split level communicates with two «half» neighbouring floors. Thanks to the consistent reuse of existing building elements (civil defence shelter, swimming pool), most of the grey energy could be reused and CO₂ emissions minimised significantly. The new building in lightweight, renewable timber construction serves as a CO₂ reservoir and reduces greenhouse gases by about one-third compared to a conventional building.