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Am Bergwald Day-Care Centre

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Stuttgart, Germany



Timo Kemmner


When in summer 2020 a municipal day-care centre had to be demolished overnight due to a rat infestation, numerous parents in the district were desperate and helpless. SWR television and SWR radio reported extensively. Where should the children be accommodated in the short and medium term? The authorities were at a loss. Their decision-making structures did not allow for a quick solution. Months or even years usually pass before funds for a new building can be approved. Rescue came only when committed citizens and members of the local Waldheim Association took matters into their own hands. Within a very short time, with the help of our expertise, they transformed their clubhouse into a replacement day-care centre. The children had a home again. Inspired by this success, Hedelfingen’s Waldheim Association and local residents decided to take further action. In just 22 months of planning and construction, again with our help, a new building for 50 children was financed and realised. Despite the scarce time and financial resources, the new day-care centre is not only impressive in terms of space but also technically. For example, the building was equipped with an innovative ice storage system. We are also proud that 10 tons of CO₂ could be saved merely by using sustainable materials on the outer walls. We are pleased to have made a valuable contribution to the district in collaboration with highly motivated citizens. Civic engagement pays off!