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Barn home in a hamlet, Reppisch Valley, Zurich

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Rieden bei Baden, Switzerland


Vito Stallone


Around 15 buildings form a hamlet zone in a rural, mainly agricultural setting. In this residential project, typical barn characteristics were taken up and reinterpreted in a modern way. From a distance, the residence discreetly blends into its rustic surroundings. The exterior façade is clad in glazed spruce – the same type of timber used on traditional Swiss barns. A pitched roof was designed in the same vein, with tile roofing typical to the local architecture. Openable windows are concealed behind wooden shutters, while the generous fixed glazing is fronted by wooden sliding doors that provide sun protection, darkening, and privacy. A raw steel beam serves as a gutter, jutting out beyond the base of the roof. Downpipes were omitted; the rainwater drains off the side like a waterfall. A barn is typically used for storage and as a workroom for agricultural production. Although this new building is not a depository, its rooms – bedrooms, bathrooms, closets, etc. – are «stored» within it as closed volumes and are figuratively stacked on top of one another. This «stacking» creates a sculptural interior, a positive spatial volume within the building. A negative volume forms around these stacks, comprising a landscape of open living spaces that are interconnected vertically and horizontally. The generous interior unfolds a feeling of expansiveness.