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Chalet Quilucru renovation

best architects 24

renovation and addition


Lucerne, Switzerland


Philipp Mächler


The village of Zeneggen is idyllically situated at an altitude of over 1450 metres in the middle of the Valais Alps. Typical Swiss chalets, constructed of solid wood, some with over a hundred years of history, characterise the village and form a quiet neighbourhood with small squares and quality scenic points. The client’s historical chalet lies in the middle of this microcosm and has been refurbished several times over the years. The focus of the renovation was not only the respectful treatment of the historical building but also an effective combination with a contemporary architectural language. The basement with unused garage and storage room was to be redesigned with two new rooms and bathroom. The playful use of colours and materiality make the distinction between the old wooden panelling and the new green oiled board components clearly legible. New square windows with green oiled wooden frames are precisely placed to allow the unique landscape to become part of the chalet. A new internal staircase connects the two levels. The flowing space of the living room was added, with a new kitchen as well as a stove that can warm up the entire chalet via an effective heat conduction system. Ecology and sustainability were considerations in the choice of natural materials such as clay plaster, clay-casein filler flooring and oiled wood panels.