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Kohlektiv in Nuremberg

best architects 24

renovation and addition


Munich, Germany



Sebastian Schels


The former Nuremberg freight station area is undergoing a fundamental transformation in order to create a large office and retail location. The Kohlektiv, an administration building erected in 1963, will once again become the centrepiece of the area. The building stands for a further development of the site based on the pre-existing buildings and will serve as a historical reference point to the former freight station. Together with the planned new buildings, the result promises to be an advantageous, identity-creating (architectural) mix. The heritage building is characterised by a structure typical of the period in which it was built, which is also reflected in the façade. A reinforced concrete skeleton is braced by staircases, with infills of concrete and clinker tiles. Various decorative elements and the well-designed staircases complement the otherwise very rational architecture. The character of the building was preserved, while well-considered interventions have given it a new presence. By opening up the façades and removing disruptive elements on the ground floor, a hall-like space was created that can accommodate a wide variety of uses and which more strongly connects the building with its surroundings. The building now offers space for contemporary, individual office structures and the necessary technical equipment. The east façade serves an exhibition space for the large neon installation When Saturday Comes by Frankfurt artist Silke Wagner.