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Schneider Lengauer Pühringer Architekten

The Tall Black

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single family homes


Neumarkt im Mühlkreis, Austria


Kurt Hörbst


The single-family house in Hagenberg in the Mühlkreis region of Upper Austria is part of a small village development, situated in the second row next to the municipal road. To surpass these neighbouring buildings in height and maximise the spatial qualities, the decision was made to construct the new building with four floors. The house is flanked by nine-metre-high gable-ended buildings to the south and east. Through a small building footprint and clever placement of the new construction, a new forecourt is created to the west and a garden area to the east. The living area of the house, including the kitchen, dining area and covered terrace, was planned on the top floor. The lower floors are occupied by bedrooms and bathrooms. The ground floor houses the foyer and utility room. Overall, the house offers a living area of 180 square metres. The barrier-free design and the spatial conception of the house allow for a wide variety of uses. In addition to residential use, the building could potentially be converted into offices or student housing at a later date. All walls, ceilings and interior roof surfaces are made of cross-laminated timber that was left visible. Both the windows and doors are likewise made of wood. Black fir boards clad the façade, while the roof is made of maintenance-free aluminium roofing sheets.