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Roman Hutter Architektur

Rothusweg in Zug

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multi-family homes


Lucerne, Switzerland


Markus Käch


The client’s intention of constructing a wooden building required engaging with the material and developing a structure that was compatible with it. We decided in favour of solid timber construction in order to achieve the maximum possible living quality while effortlessly fulfilling ecological and sustainability demands. The constructive principle based on cross-walls evokes images of classical modernism. Thus we developed the premise of building a house with cross-walls and purely structural openings: instead of cutting the windows out of the valuable wall material, they are positioned between the elements. The only solid parts are the concrete plinth and the staircase. In addition to access from the garage, pedestrians can enter the building using a naturally lit passage leading directly to the stairs. A small fountain beneath the stairwell welcomes residents as they come home. Above the plinth, three storeys made of stacked wood accommodate a total of five apartments. The diverse variety of apartments on offer guarantees a mix of residents, ensuring a vibrant, liveable building. Although the context has a rather mural appearance, timber has long regained its self-confidence as a construction material, as will also be the case at Rothusweg. To conform to the type of a suburban villa, a colour scheme was developed for some of the building elements. Overall, however, the house is designed for reserved and calm integration into the environment.