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R8b_wooden house

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Munich, Germany


Erik Dreyer


The house is located in the backyard of a residential building from the 1950s and replaces a single-storey garage block. The new building has the same footprint as the garage, meaning that urban densification took place without additional area being sealed and while preserving the old tree population. The solid wood structure does not have a basement and is supported by three steel frames. The exterior timber cladding covers all doors, so that the façade is structured solely by the timber slats and large windows. Inside, the space is divided by an inserted box into a large common area (living, eating, cooking) and two separate rooms with adjoining spaces. The open timber roof allows the entire space to be experienced as a whole. The living room opens onto a patio, which is bordered by an annex. The surfaces were left in their natural state or treated with natural materials: the solid wooden walls were waxed, the steel was oiled, and the screed was stripped and embedded. Special attention was paid to the use of sustainable and ecological materials.