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NAEMAS Architekturkonzepte

Homestead with parlour

best architects 24

single family homes


Bolzano, Italy


Gustav Willeit


The clients’ inherited farmstead was completely destroyed by a devastating fire. After this drastic blow of fate, they wanted to rebuild the building at a different location. The site analyses however revealed an optimally situated building site in terms of sunlight, alignment and orientation in a similar location to the existing building. The slope towards the south with an elevated positioning in relation to the rest of the valley offers optimal sunlight even in the winter months. The clients’ wish was not only to create two separate building volumes but also a contemporary, modern design language with quotations and materials from the historical context. Therefore, the choice fell on an asymmetrical gable roof and on a façade pattern that quotes the original farmhouse. The completely different interior worlds both recreate the historical context and manage to break with the past and reinterpret it. The design of the first building follows the historical context and materials; a larch wood floor was combined with linen textiles and domestic stone. The living area of the upper building can be recognised as a reinterpretation of the farmhouse parlour: the exposed concrete with its wood-like structure forms the new central family area with the centrally located stove. The kitchen is a colour composition of red, pink and black, with a terrazzo floor.