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Luca Selva Architekten

Furnierwerk residential complex

best architects 24

multi-family homes


Basel, Switzerland


Yohan Zerdoun


Defined by the arcs of the former freight tracks connected with the railroad station of Rheinfelden – an old town that was once a stronghold of the House of Zähringen – as well as by excessive noise generated to the south, which both during the day and especially at night clearly surpasses ordinance limits, the specific geometry of the site determines the urban placement of this ensemble stretching over 300 m. The apartments are accommodated in two differently conceived building volumes with a public space between them. At the northern end, this configuration responds to the setting in a differentiated manner. While here the complex appears closed towards the fragment of the perimeter block to the east, it unfolds towards the open built environment along Quellenstrasse through interconnected half-courtyards. Setbacks establish a successful transition to the existing density of the neighbouring quarter. The two volumes are conceived as a back-to-back double wall construction and are clad in solid clinker brick. Loosely articulated, the façades lend composure to the site and demonstrate weight, designed to outlast any short-lived zeitgeist. The windows are flush-mounted on the interior, which reinforces the punched window character of the exterior. The size of the openings responds to their position on the façade, optimising solar heat gain in the building. Contrasting window dimensions results from a varying number of horizontal and vertical clinker bricks in the closed exterior walls.