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Kleihues + Kleihues


best architects 24

multi-family homes


Berlin, Germany


Alexander Ludwig Obst & Marion Schmieding


A high-standard residential complex with 36 barrier-free flats has been built directly opposite Herne railway station. Due to its height and the exemplary construction quality in Herne, the corner building visible from afar will form the entrance to the city in the future. The stepped volume picks up on the height of the neighbouring buildings and at the same time creates harmony in the previously heterogeneous cityscape at this location. The elegant brick façade is banded all around, its materiality referring to the architectural tradition of the Ruhr region. The plinth consists of a block bond, with a heading and a stretching course alternating, whereby the course of stretchers is recessed as a relief. The solitary appearance of the building is emphasised by the use of clinker brick. By continuing this material into the interior in the form of a circumferential facing on the loggias and balconies, the building gains solidity. The elegant façade is also continued on the courtyard side – the result is a residential building that is welcoming on all sides and has no rear side. The entrance area captivates with its rounded corners and the slanted setting of the clinker bricks, accentuating the high-quality appearance of the building. The particularly energy-efficient building, which is equipped with geothermal and solar thermal systems as well as a photovoltaic system, is set to receive gold certification from the German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB).