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Hermansson Hiller Lundberg Arkitekter

Trilling student housing

best architects 24

multi-family homes


Karlskrona, Sweden




Johan Dehlin


Located on a rocky site in Kärrtorp, a functionalist Stockholm suburb from the 1950s, the project consists of student housing in three long building volumes placed perpendicular to the street. Navigating the topography and programme, the project balances modernist planning logic and formal investigations into colour, division, composition and order. The façade treatment echoes some of the façade themes employed in the nearby Kärrtorp town centre. A geometric pattern of painted plaster orders the façade, becoming with the addition of a more expressionist element of colour and geometry a playful riff on the architecture of Kärrtorp. Along the street, a shallow colonnade structures the urban relationship, whereas along the dramatic cliff, the subdivided volumes of the buildings climb up and meet the natural ground on different levels.