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Fabio von Arx

Apartment building on Neubergweg

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multi-family homes


Basel, Switzerland


Daisuke Hirabayashi


The property is situated on a hill in the municipality of Therwil in the Leimental region and directly borders the woodland area of Bruderholz. Apart from its panoramic views, the location is distinguished by its exposed position within the topography and its immediate proximity to the forest that borders the property to the north. The surrounding area consists of a mix of single-family houses, predominantly from the 1950s and 1960s, as well as newer residential buildings, indicating that the residential zone is undergoing a transformation. By staggering the volumes, the new building harmoniously integrates into the landscape while carefully considering the local building structure and scale. The residential building accommodates four owner-occupied apartments, which are accessed via a centrally positioned staircase with half-level offsets. The living spaces are organised in corner configurations, allowing for expansive sight lines and creating diverse connections to the outdoor areas. Low balustrades, large openings and wooden window reveals within the solid two-layer exposed concrete façade emphasise the connection to the surroundings and provide diverse views from different living scenarios. A winter garden occupies a prominent position in an exterior corner and can be generously opened to the outdoor space through three-part sliding doors, serving as an extension of the living area.