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DEMOGO studio di architettura

Financial Guard Regional Headquarters

best architects 24

office/administrative buildings


Treviso, Italy



Iwan Baan


The new regional headquarters of the Financial Guard in Bologna is a project that fits into a complex context, a fringe area enclosed by urban partitions and characterised by a series of spaces of heterogeneous character. To the north, the railway line and the Bologna high-speed train station define a continuous curtain of partitions and logistic infrastructures; to the south is the dynamic and rapidly changing Dumbo Social Centre area; and to the east lies the Via Tanari and the edges of the stratified city of Bologna. The project interprets this marginal setting as an opportunity to relate to and regenerate the area. The new building fits in as an element with a compact layout but at the same time stands out with its stepped profile. This approach produces a series of terraces in continuity with the office areas, conceived as outside extensions of the main functions of the programme. The elevated gardens guarantee high-quality workspaces that are visually connected to the cityscape. The central theme is the system of relations and the desire to make the boundary a third space capable of offering attractive dynamics of fruition and perception. The south façade is articulated with an aerial connection that links the new offices to the pre-existing Bertarini Barracks.