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Campomarzio + Michele Moresco Architetto

St. Martin Sport Centre

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Sankt Martin, Italy


Davide Perbellini


The project involves the construction of a new sport centre for the municipality of St. Martin in Passeier. The sport area is located close to the eastern part of town, squeezed between the main road and the Passeier River, and offers an outdoor swimming pool complex built in the late 1960s and four tennis courts, of which the northernmost one is used in winter as an ice rink. The municipality required a new main building located in the area between swimming pools and tennis courts in order to form a central location for all sport activities in the area. To improve functional communication and the relationship between the various activities, the ground level of the new sport centre was raised to the level of the promenade and the pedestrian bridge over the Passeier, compensating for the difference in height between the swimming pool area and the tennis courts. The design concept splits the programme into two distinct rectangular volumes, which are offset to generate a new external space and a new entrance. The newly generated space is a small square located at the crossroads between the pedestrian path that leads from the village to the pedestrian bridge over the Passeier and the new access to the outdoor swimming pool complex. A large roof extending on all four sides characterises the volumes above ground, generating a simple and clear horizontal element that frames the landscape beyond the building, with the high mountains of the Passeier Valley.