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Beck Oser Architekten

Witterswilerstrasse houses, Bättwil

best architects 24

multi-family homes


Basel, Switzerland


Börje Müller


The terraced houses are located in the centre of Bättwil, in the courtyard area of a historical residential building with a large barn. The houses are meant to blend into the historical structure and be perceived as a supplement to the existing buildings. This is achieved by their volumetric formulation as simple structures with a gable roof and the materialisation with tiled roof and wooden façade. Nevertheless, the new buildings should be clearly recognisable as such. The deliberate elaboration of details of projections and recesses as well as the differentiated use of wooden boards and panels creates a subtle modernity and shows that these are added residential units. The stairwells are located on the entrance façade of each of the four houses. This allows the difference in terrain height to be mastered while affording maximum floor plan flexibility. The kitchen with cloakroom stands free in the room like a piece of furniture and divides the open floor plan into dining and living areas. On the upper floor there are two spacious bedrooms with bathroom. The attic space can also be used for two bedrooms or one large one with shower and dressing room. The basement is built in solid construction, with the other floors made of pre-fabricated timber elements with ventilated larch wood façades. The flexible arrangement of spaces and the simple, honest construction result in houses with high-quality living space at reasonable prices.