BS+EMI Architektenpartner: Chliriet Schoolhouse  - best architects 24 in gold

BS+EMI Architektenpartner

Chliriet Schoolhouse

best architects 24 in gold

education buildings


Rümlang-Oberglatt, Switzerland



Roland Bernath


The school building complements Chliriet’s open, landscape-dominated rural fabric, which already features a multi-purpose hall, sports fields and mature trees. It takes the form of a long, narrow and flat building on the bounding country lane and, together with the multi-purpose hall, defines a large playground and entrance area. The projecting flying roof contributes to this framing of space and gives the architecture a distinctive expression. The two-storey building is a systematically configured wood frame structure. The classrooms are arranged in a single line, with one in each of the twelve bays, and all face the open cultivated land to the east. The circulation spaces and group activity rooms face the recess area. From the lobby on the ground floor, a series of stairs leads up to clusters of anterooms, classrooms, and group rooms on the upper floor. All further elements beyond those of the simple wooden construction are introduced additively and remain independent by means of their colour. Everything in the building is colourful; no material has been left in its natural shade and there is no white. The interior space unfolds through the interplay of the various hues. The polychromy anticipates the vibrancy of day-to-day school life.