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Axel Steudel Architekten

Scholz House

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Cologne, Germany


Christian Eblenkamp


The house caters to the clients’ penchant for 1920s architecture and decor. But what makes it a modern-day home? First of all, it has been conceived and built today. Although it does not shy away from models of familiar residential architecture, it does not see itself as a copy. Lined up with the other houses on the suburban street, it welcomes us with a simple front door made of oak. The main living space is on the ground floor, with four children’s rooms with bathrooms above. The parents sleep under the hipped roof made of plain clay tiles. Herringbone oak parquet flooring as well as cement tiles in more heavily trafficked areas support the homely atmosphere. The made-to-measure interior fittings demonstrate the craftsmanship that underlies the entire house. Structurally, it is a solid building whose single-shell brick walls are merely plastered on both sides. The roof insulation consists of wood fibre board that protects against overheating in summer, as do the roller shutters made of varnished pine. The selection of predominantly natural building materials follows the principle of simple construction. This also applies to the building services. A ventilation system was not used. Instead, a pure natural lime plaster with its hygienic advantages ensures a healthy room climate. A water-to-water heat pump guarantees regenerative heat generation and allows for slight cooling if required.