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Ana Otero Architektur


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multi-family homes


Zurich, Switzerland


Andreas Buschmann


The two replacement buildings with 35 apartments are located on the outskirts of Zurich in transition to the landscape. This particular location influences the placement, geometry and architectural expression of the buildings. The landscaping is also orientated towards this duality: from the landscape side, flowering meadows and fruit trees flow into the settlement around the buildings, while on their side facing the settlement, the two buildings are grouped around a clearly designed communal square with an inviting bench and a cheerfully splashing fountain. Both residential buildings are very compact and extremely efficient: a single staircase provides access to three or even five apartments per floor. The polygonal floor plans, derived from organic forms found in nature, not only allow for optimal lighting and orientation of all apartments but also lend all living spaces a surprising feeling of spaciousness and diversity. In analogy to nature and the nearby forest, wood serves as the main structural and design material: light, vertically structured wooden façades with continuous pilaster strips and complementary horizontal elements are set atop monolithic concrete bases. Ornamentally designed balcony railings evoke the refined play of light and shadow in the breeze of gently rustling leaves in a sunny forest clearing.