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Kollektiv Marudo Architekten

New school complex Brühl, Solothurn

best architects 24 in gold

education buildings


Solothurn, Switzerland


Rasmus Norlander


The school complex is located on the periphery of Solothurn’s city centre in the Weststadt district and, together with the sports facility and the football stadium, forms a distinctive location within the homogeneous residential neighbourhood structure. The existing school complex consisted of a large, densely landscaped area and a two-storey school building from the 1990s – typologically with a centrally located gymnasium, an access layer, all-round classrooms and several entrances and approaches. The new school building is an extension that takes up the idea of the «pavilion» building type. As a filigree two-storey structure with exterior staircases, it mediates directly between the interior and exterior spaces – strengthened by an all-round arcade. This covered outdoor space is an access, meeting and recreation area, all at the same time. The sweeping staircases have their entrance and exit at the same point and directly connect the entrances to the building. The basic architectural principle is based on the need for spatial flexibility. The static framework is a modular concrete building. A precise grid divides and connects the school rooms. A lightweight wooden structure, which on the outside forms part of the façade and on the interior takes the form of space-creating cabinet furniture and doors, fills and connects the visible concrete skeleton. The raw school building forms the basis for flexible appropriation by the future users.