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Tropical factory Saigon

best architects 23

commercial/industrial buildings


Saigon, Vietnam


Oki Hiroyuki


Since Vietnam’s economic reform in 1986, the country has experienced rapid growth. A predominantly agricultural economy has evolved into one based on industrial production. In a breathtaking process guided by few regulations, new industrial sites have been built with little regard for land, energy or environmental resources. In close cooperation with the client and the local architectural firm G8A architects, a concept was developed that demonstrates an exemplary approach to resource-oriented and social sustainability. In the multi-storey production buildings arranged around a central courtyard, the usual full air conditioning is dispensed with. The core elements are the open and greened façades. In keeping with traditional tropical architecture, they provide protection from rain and sun, while always ensuring natural ventilation. The selected plants contribute to lowering the temperature inside the building through evaporation and, as filters, decisively improve the air quality at the workplaces. The photovoltaic system installed on the building roofs can cover a large part of the energy demand. A greened inner courtyard becomes a campus with its function as a microclimate space. There is space for fitness and sports activities as well as shady areas for the employees’ traditional siesta.