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best architects 23

multi-family homes


Zurich, Switzerland


Niklaus Spoerri


The new residential estate at the Eggbühl site joins the existing commercial buildings to enclose a generous inner courtyard that is connected via a broad gap to a park-like green area. The seventh floor of each house has been conceived as an attic storey to harmonise with the height of the other buildings on the site. Angled façades with cantilevered balconies looking onto the inner courtyard create a domestic atmosphere while affording views into the distance. All apartments have a central entrance hall that opens on two sides onto the kitchen and living space, creating an open plan extending from the courtyard to the park or to Eggbühlstrasse. Most of the units have two outdoor areas. On the top two storeys are duplexes, while the ground-floor apartments are designed as loft-like studios. The courtyard features a grassy, wooded hummock and a gravel playground, creating varied areas for lingering or recreation. Lush vegetation along the façades guides residents to the building entrances while shielding the ground-floor apartments from view. Towards Eggbühlstrasse and the green area, the orthogonal façades are structured and broken up by balconies and the attic storey. The red brick forms an atmospheric unity with the trees in the park and courtyard, which change colour from green to yellow over the seasons.