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House G

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Gossensaß, Italy


Gustav Willeit


Just above the centre of Gossensaß village (altitude 1,100m), the home of a young family was built from insulating concrete.  The tower-like shape gives the house not only a small footprint but also ground-level access on both the lowest and the top floor. The structure of the certified low-energy house seems to grow out of the ground at its unique site and is firmly rooted to it. The monolith’s 75 cm-thick walls combine all the functions of the façade in just one layer: protecting, insulating and supporting. Targeted views of the mountain landscape are revealed through precisely focused openings, with deep jambs becoming spatial elements in their own right, used for sitting, resting and observing in everyday life. A compact spiral staircase at the house’s core affords access to the various storeys. The top floor, which is up to six metres high, forms the open living area. A circumferential window band allows the residents to enjoy an unobstructed panoramic view. Diamond-shaped concrete slabs for the roof and wooden shingles for finishing both entrances were manufactured using traditional methods. The entire building envelope is designed to be monochromatic. Natural, grounded materials define the image inside as well, creating a down-to-earth and comfortable indoor atmosphere. Untreated fir for flooring, windows, doors and furniture, handcrafted terrazzo surfaces and lime plasters as well as brass burnished to match the colour of the concrete, together with handcrafted glass, will enable the rooms to stand the test of time.