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Neulengbach Stadt stop

best architects 23

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Neulengbach Stadt, Austria


David Schreyer


In order to make the Neulengbach Stadt stop barrier-free, the construction of two access structures with elevators to the two platforms was planned. The topography of this area means that the railway line has to ascend from a deeper to a higher point at the station. At the end of the existing platform, two new stairways and elevators now lead upward from the Old Market passageway. This also connects the existing park-and-ride facility to the platform. The two stairways are wedged between the street, the railroad embankment and the existing buildings and form a kind of tower structure that inscribes the station in the public space and makes it visible within an urban densification. Via the entrance in the widened base zone, one enters an approximately 10-metre-high hall with a wooden ceiling resting on central supports. Glass walls span between the cantilevered concrete structure and the wooden roof, creating a sheltered, well-lit interior space. The construction was minimised and adapted to the specifics of the material so that it remains inconspicuous in the background, creating a palpable lightness despite the confined conditions and choice of materials. In areas with passenger traffic, the walls are tiled with robust surfaces. ÖBB’s information and service systems were integrated into the concrete structure. The line was in operation during the conversion work except for short closures.