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casa H

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single family homes


Tegna, Switzerland


Simone Bossi


The house is situated in the picturesque Centovalli in the south of Switzerland. Rocky mountains, streams, waterfalls, vineyards and rich vegetation form the background to the sunny terrain of Terre di Pedemonte. The project responds to the desire to bring all these features inside the building for a 360° interpretation of the surrounding landscape. The entrance through a patio also serves as an outdoor living area where light is filtered by a pergola and a large olive tree. The living areas have a direct connection with the garden, the courtyard and the surrounding mountains and are defined by three volumes containing the bedrooms and bathrooms. Two pivot doors ensure flexible use and intimacy within this fluid space. In the bedrooms, the windows are smaller, offering glimpses of the surrounding vegetation and at the same time serving as furnishing elements. The basement with the technical room is accessible from an external bike storage area that also screens the garden from the car park. The main structure of the house is in concrete, a material that also flows into the living areas, except in the bedrooms, where the walls are insulated on the inside and covered in plasterboard. The built-in oak furniture and floors with their warm surfaces create a pleasant dialogue with the exposed concrete.