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Split-Level Homes, Aarau

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Aarau, Switzerland


Roger Frei


The site is located in the garden city of Aarau. Characteristic for the neighbourhood are scattered development and the image of a lush green urban quarter. These principles are embraced by the new building, which joins two existing houses to form a trio sharing a common garden and plot. The house was embedded in the terrain without any major changes being made to the site. The typology of the split-level house thus follows the different heights of the terrain, with three staggered half-storeys connected by open staircases. The house accommodates a main apartment with 6.5 rooms and a smaller one with 2.5 rooms. The façade is made of black burnt spruce topped by a band of sheet copper. This roof edge refers in its height and oxidised shade to the eaves of the pre-existing neighbouring houses. At the same time, the horizontal tri-partition of the façade echoes both the adjacent houses and other, classically influenced, buildings in the garden city. The mural base section forms a connection from the forecourt level via the cemetery wall to an elevated garden on the south side.