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Roman Sigrist Architektur

Trachslau schoolhouse

best architects 23 in Gold

education buildings


Trachslau, Switzerland


Gauch & Schwartz


The scale and positioning of the two new buildings follow the existing development pattern and topography. A wide space is spanned between the school building and the church, giving the village centre a new, spacious orientation. With its delicate wooden façades, the building anchors itself within the townscape’s rural surroundings. The concept is based on separating the kindergarten rooms from other uses. This gave rise to a school building with a gym/multi-purpose hall and a separate kindergarten pavilion with adjacent intimate outdoor spaces. The pavilion is set at the end of a series of smaller residential buildings. The ensemble encompasses the sunny and wind-protected school yard where the main entrances are located. The ground floor of the school building, designed as a gallery for a multi-purpose hall, forms the heart of the facility. This results in good orientation in the entrance area. The glazing along the longitudinal side lends a spacious impression, with plenty of daylight and views of the landscape. Two staircases give access to the classrooms/ group rooms on the upper floor and the hall and changing rooms on the lower floor. The arrangement of the ancillary rooms on the hall level enables a multifunctional use of the hall. Atriums provide valuable articulation and animation on the upper floor as well as an overview of the circulation areas, while also providing daylight all the way into the rear of the hall. The sports field is reached via a spacious outdoor flight of stairs.