PSA Pfletscher und Steffan Architekten: Sports hall at the Edelweiss barracks Mittenwald - best architects 23

PSA Pfletscher und Steffan Architekten

Sports hall at the Edelweiss barracks Mittenwald

best architects 23

education buildings


Mittenwald, Germany


Michael Heinrich


The aim of the planning considerations was to erect and maintain the building economically. Material-appropriate design, constructive and structural optimisation of the building materials used, and optimal functionality were thus the focus. The design of the new building is functional and allows for the problem-free drainage of rainwater and meltwater thanks to the two tent roofs, which are placed opposite one another and are of different heights due to the respective uses. The appearance of the sports hall is characterised by the alternation of horizontally arranged necessary window areas and a cladding of vertical wooden strips for the outer walls. All components, including those for building services, were planned additively to enable both ease of building maintenance and simple changes to the technical building equipment at a later date. The new building was erected over a reinforced concrete floor slab on a pile foundation in timber construction. Load-bearing and non-load-bearing parts are organised as independent subsystems and ensured a very high degree of prefabrication combined with a short construction time for the supporting structure and building envelope. The canon of materials is marked by robustness, longevity and consideration of appropriate comfort for users.