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Montemurro Aguiar Architetti

Casa in collina

best architects 23

single family homes


Comano, Switzerland


Giorgio Marafioti


The house is located in a resort area in Comano marked by residential buildings surrounded by greenery and vineyards. There was a pre-existing two-storey structure on the site. Our intervention echoed the two above-ground levels but took up an articulated game of volumes in order to fit in with respect to the site without disturbing the view of the existing house. Access is via a private road. Between the new construction and the existing house a new square is formed, with granite pavers indicating the new entrance and driveway as well as the driveway entrance of the existing house. The garage doors and front door are clad in wood with the same essence as the windows and doors, while the north side of the house is exposed concrete with no other openings. The living area is in the south-east corner, with large windows looking onto the valley and the mountains. The entrance is conceived as an atrium extending over two storeys with a window providing natural light from the north-east. On the upper level are bedrooms and utility spaces with a studio and wardrobes, accessible via an internal staircase. The house is made of concrete with windows and doors of oak, while inside all the built-in furniture was likewise designed in oak.